Soup of the Day | Cup 3.50 | Bowl 4.95

  • Two choices daily, one vegan
  • Served with a slice of Honfleur bread
  • Some soups (GF), ask your server

Soup and Salad* | 8.50

A bowl of soup with a Garden Patch or Guacamole Salad

  • With a regular Spinach Salad (N*), add 1.00

Some soups (GF), ask your server

Garden Patch (V) (GF) | Regular 4.50 | Large 9.95

Green leaf lettuce, carrot, cucumber, purple cabbage, red onion, tomato, and sunflower sprouts

Spinach Salad* (N*) (GF) | Regular 5.50 | Large 10.95

Spinach, carrot, mushrooms, tomato, sunflower sprouts, purple cabbage, cucumber, red onion, black olive, marinated artichoke hearts, sliced almonds and parmesan cheese

Guacamole Salad (V) (GF) | Regular 4.50 | Large 9.95

Seasoned with fresh garlic, minced onion, and fresh lime juice and served on green leaf lettuce with shredded carrot and tomato

Fruit Salad (V) (GF) | Regular 5.50 | Large 10.95

Seasonal fresh fruit topped with currants

  • With White Mountain plain nonfat yogurt, add .75

(N) Please Note:

There are nuts used in many recipes every day in our kitchen. Persons with a severe nut allergy are strongly urged to avoid eating at Mother´s Cafe.

  • (V) = Vegan
  • * = Can Be Prepared Vegan
  • (GF) = Gluten Free
  • (N) = Contains Nuts or Seeds
  • (N*) = Contains Nuts or Seeds which can be left out; please specify to your server
  • Mon-Fri 11:15A-10P
  • Sat-Sun 10A-10P
  • Sat-Sun Brunch 10A-3P
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