Business Friends

The Austin Fire Department - they are our heroes - thanks for all you did for us during and after the devastating fire back in March 2007

Rex Raymond / Austin InfoTech Services - Rex was one of our first managers waaaaay back in the mid 80s. He's now (and has been for many years) quite a talented IT guy and my "go to" for any and all computer/internet/networking/PCI compliance issues. I highly recommend him for your tech needs!!!

Sisters and Brothers - Love to Lauri, Tom, and Zane - makers of Sass salad dressings.

Pasta and Co on Kerbey Ln - Sheryl from Austin!! (Jim Rome Show reference!)

Ka Prow Pan Asian Bistro - one of Cameron's FAVORITE restaurants!! What? I'm advertising another restaurant? Yep, you should check it out. Chef O is soooo talented and is quite conscious about keeping his vegan menu items VEGAN - it's the only place I'll eat vegan sushi

Hyde Park Bar and Grill - shout out to Bick Brown and crew - our wonderful long-time neighbors

Asti/Fino - Emmett Fox is a prince of a guy, not to mention a great chef and restaurant operator - organized the event "Dining for Mother's" after the fire which raised $$ for our employees who lost their jobs due to the fire

Greener Texas Pest and Lawn Svcs - Woody and his son Chance are the best in the business

Alphagraphics - they design/print our menus. I've been very impressed with these folks. Great graphics crew, quick turnaround, and they're willing to think outside the box!

Austin Paper Co - Braz, Jonathan and crew!!

Hill Country Payroll

Johnny Rooter - da best!

Richard Lowe Refrigeration - our go to folks for MANY years!!

Ace Mart Restaurant Supply - Jay, Gene, Connie, et al!!

Mission Restaurant Supply

Nathan's Plumbing - wouldn't call anybody else - Nathan was our first omelette cook back in the 80s

CRS - POS System sales and support

Hyde Park Label - Cashew Tamari labels

Karl Zachman - our painter - a really cool guy

Mell Lawrence Architects - Mell and Paul Lamb designed the award winning (local, state, and national) building that housed West Lynn Café which we opened in 1990 and sold in 2005 - we were made an offer to sell that we couldn't refuse!

Steve Zagorski - he does all the large scale colorful happy paintings that adorn our walls - he is also a very talented and successful architect

Ethan Azarian - very talented musician and painter - he did the mural on the north wall of our building

The Happy Vegan Baker