• Add a scoop of Amy's Ice Cream (GF)
  • or
  • Sweet Ritual vegan ice cream (V)(GF) to any dessert for 1.95
  • All Mother's-made desserts are eggless and are sweetened with either organic Sucanat, organic maple syrup or organic raw sugar. Amy's Ice Cream contains eggs and is sweetened with refined sugar

Belgian Chocolate Cake (V)

You won't believe it's vegan! Fine Belgian chocolate and coffee flavor this rich frosted cake. Blissfully sinful!

Mom's Apple Pie (V)

Tart Granny Smith apples with cinnamon and spices in our whole wheat crust

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie (V)(N)

Creamy vegan chocolate custard with organic peanut butter topping in an organic whole wheat crust

Blueberry Pie (V)

Our own whole wheat crust brimming with blueberries and spices. Go ahead, give it a try!

Almond Mocha Torte (V)(GF)(N)

This wheat-free treat is rich with chocolate, almonds and espresso. Decadent and intense!

Carrot Spice Cake(N)

This extraordinary cake will leave you more than satisfied. A layered cake with cream cheese frosting sprinkled with walnuts

Amy's Ice Cream (GF) 3.25 /4.50

Austin's own ice cream success story. Choose from Mexican Vanilla, Coffee or Belgian Chocolate

Sweet Ritual Vegan Ice Cream 3.25/4.50

From our friends right over on Airport Blvd!

Creamy Coconut Vanilla

  • (V) = Vegan
  • * = Can Be Prepared Vegan
  • (GF) = Gluten Free
  • (N) = Contains Nuts or Seeds
  • (N*) = Contains Nuts or Seeds which can be left out; please specify to your server